Terms And Conditions


  • The deposited money will not be refunded under any circumstances once it is deposited.
  • The tent cannot be shifted to another location once the client occupies it.
  • You may be charged extra in the case of a delayed checkout. The scheduled checkout time is 11.30 am.
  • Smoking inside the tents is strictly prohibited.
  • Due to the unpredictability of the weather or the government restrictions, certain activities might be canceled. Under such circumstances, ‘ThePawnaCamp’ team will do its best to provide you with alternate activities. No refunds will be provided.


  • The client understands that there are inherent risks of the services, provided by the team (Thepawnacamp) or otherwise, that they may engage with.
  • The client confirms that they are in a sound state, both physically and mentally, to avail the service.
  • The client’s participation is voluntary in any activities they wish to perform. ‘ThePawnaCamp’ is not responsible for any injuries, illnesses, accidents or loss of personal belongings that may occur during the period of the service.
  • All the activities are carried out under the guidance of ‘ThePawnaCamp’ staff. Small cuts and bruises are rather normal in adventurous conditions. ‘ThePawnaCamp’ is well equipped and has trained staff to take care of such situations.
  • The clients must conduct themselves with the utmost propriety. They must not cause any harm or distress to the other clients and the staff. If one fails to adhere to these conditions, we will remove them from the camping premises and proper authorities will be alerted. In these cases, the money will not be refunded.
  • The client agrees to follow the instructions provided by the service provider and to pay for any expenses that may arise due to emergencies, medical or otherwise.
  • During the period of the service, ‘ThePawnaCamp’ has the final say in all aspects of the service. The Company reserves the right to make changes in the schedule or cancel the activities without any prior notice. The client will be responsible for any travel or accommodation expenses that may arise under such circumstances.
  • It is mandatory for the client to disclose any medical conditions that they suffer from so that the staff can stay alert for any unwanted situations. ‘ThePawnaCamp’ will not be responsible for the aftermath of the incidents involving undisclosed medical conditions.
  • All the descriptions of the services and the locations are kept as accurate as possible. However, the onsite arrangements may slightly differ from their representations on the website. The photographs are used for demonstration purpose only and should not be held accountable for onsite differences in the arrangements.