You Must Know These (Unsaid) Camping Rules!!!

Camping is a must to have experience as it offers a lot more than just camping. It could be a life changing experience especially for beginners. Camping gives you a chance to embrace solitude when you want it and also to gel up with people. However, you need to make this experience pleasant for everyone who will be with you on camping. Here are ten unsaid camping rules which are useful not just for camping but other trips as well. Let’s get started.

  • Keep the site clean: Throwing trash in the open does not sound good. You don’t wish to keep a dirty place for next campers, do you? Most of the camp organizers may charge you for dirtying the site. To avoid any kind of unpleasant event, you must keep the camp site clean as it was before.
  • Keep the fire out: For obvious reasons you must follow this rule. This is one of the important rules of camping. Ensure that you have put the fire aside before going to bed. You must put the coals and ashes aside to rule out any possibility of accident.
  • Clean up after your furry friends: If you are taking your fur ball with you, ensure that you will clean after it. It is essential that your pet do not go to someone else’s camp or washroom.
  • Don’t do dishes in the washroom: Most of the camp organizers have already made this a rule in regards with maintaining hygiene at the camp site. Putting dirty dishes or washing in the sink does not create a site to look at especially when multiple people are using the washroom.
  • Respect silent hours: It goes without saying. You must respect the assigned quiet hours which are usually between 12 pm to 6 am at campsite as people are usually asleep or resting. If kids or pets are with you, you must ensure that they do not make loud noise.
  • Don’t disturb your neighboring campers: It is important to respect privacy of other campers. People pay for camping and they need some alone time. Even if you make friends at campsite, you must keep this rule in mind before entering into anyone’s camp.

These are the general rules but very important ones. If you follow them, it would be a wonderful experience for you and your fellow campers as well.


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